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Frontier Group of Companies, a company specializing in brownfield reuse and redevelopment, is developing the New Haven Industrial Park, the site of the former AEP Sporne power plant that was decommissioned in 2019. Plans for the Industrial Park included first dismantling obsolete structures along with site clean-up, remediation and environmental monitoring as well as industrial material recovery and reuse.

New Haven Industrial Park is strategically situated in Letart, West Virgina along the Ohio River with proximity to Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh, PA. Plans for the Park include use for manufacturing, commercial, warehousing, logistics operations and renewable energy. New Haven Industrial Park also feature rail siding with the capacity for rail car storage of up to XXXX rail cars.

New Haven Industrial Park will tap renewable energy sources with the installation of the New Haven Green Energy solar farm. This 95,000 module, 39 megawatt solar array is expected to generate 51 gigawatts of electricity while offsetting 62,600 tons of CO2.


Active June 20, 2020


125 Acres


360 Watts


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Transportation Access

Rail, truck, barge

Material Availability

Fly Ash 100 MT Available
Slag 75 MT In process, available January 2021
New Haven Industrial Park

3567 Graham Station Rd
Letart, WV 25253